Global Access in Action (GAiA) is a dynamic global health non-profit organization that focuses on improving access to lifesaving medicines in low- and middle-income countries through the implementation of legal, policy, and regulatory reform.

Our Mission

GAiA seeks to expand access to lifesaving medicines and combat the communicable disease burden that disproportionately harms the world’s most vulnerable populations. We accomplish this by conducting action-oriented research, supporting breakthrough initiatives, facilitating stakeholder dialogue, and providing policy advice to pharmaceutical firms on best practices to increase impact. 

In combining these core tenets of GAiA, we are confident that the urgent need for increased global access to medicines is feasible, practical, and affordable.

PragmatismWe seek to identify reforms that will have meaningful impact and can be readily implemented.

InterdisciplinarityWe examine the interplay between intellectual property law, medicines regulation, trade, and public health. 

Multi-institutionalOur primary approach is legal and regulatory reform; we are equally interested in collaborations with private firms or NGOs, and governmental and nongovernmental actors. 

Academic neutralityWe enforce institutional credibility and rigorous scholarships in all aspects of our work. 

Our Vision

Greater Access

Overcome legal, policy, and regulatory barriers to low-cost medicines 

Public Health Sovereignty

Support national use of public health flexibilities under Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

Quality Control

Promote quality-assured medicines by removing falsified and substandard drugs from the market 


We believe that resilient and sustainable health systems are critical for achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal. 

We aim to reduce

  • The prices of available treatments for high-priority diseases
  • Long-term morbidity and mortality rates for communicable diseases
  • Treatment failure arising from falsified and substandard medicines