Monday, June 12, 12-1:30pm – William Fisher, WilmerHale Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Faculty Director, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society

Potential Uses of Miniature Spectrometers to Mitigate the Health Crisis in Developing Countries

Recent advances in several unrelated fields — miniature mass spectrometry; artificial intelligence; and drug databases may soon radically increase the ability of public-health workers to assess the chemical composition of pharmaceutical products rapidly, cheaply, and “in the field.”  This potential, in turn, offers a variety of ways in which vaccines and medicines could be distributed more efficiently to poor patients in developing countries. William Fisher will discuss these possibilities and a pilot project in Namibia designed to test them.


Harvard Global Heath Institute Conference Room, 42 Church St. Cambridge, MA 02138



Global Access in Action Brown Bag Series

We are excited to announce a series of discussion-based events to be held in the summer of 2017, in collaboration with the Harvard Global Health Institute.  The GAiA brown bag series will facilitate conversations among researchers, scholars, practitioners, and others engaged in the development of legal and policy frameworks that govern innovation and global commercialization of medicines. We aim to introduce creative and pragmatic strategies to measurably improve access to medicines by exploring the intersection between global health, innovation and the digital world.  The goal of the series is to discuss ongoing research, share latest developments, identify opportunities for collaboration, and explore the challenges stakeholders face.



Future brown bag events

Monday, June 26, 12-1:30pm – Quentin Palfrey, Co-Director GAiA RSVP HERE

Monday, July 17, 12-1:30pm – Mark Wu, Assistant Professor, Harvard Law School, Director, Berkman Klein Center and Co-founder GAiA

Monday, July 24, 12-1:30pm – John Stubbs, Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center

Brown Bag Event Series: Conversations in Global Health, Innovation & the Digital World